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Recuperadora de Vidrio de Barcelona, S.A.






The commitment to enironmental management through glass recycling.

The concern for the environment has become one of society’s most important priorities.  At REVIBASA we work to meet this commitment.  It is our objective to offer the best possible service to our customers by adapting to their particular needs.

The confidence placed in us, both from the public and private sectors, is a guarantee of our professionalism.  Our continued success has led us to expand our operations to face a new challenge:  to offer specialized glass recycling environmental management to meet the specific requirements of each customer.


REVIBASA’s resources include a fleet of specialized trucks and vehicles, mechanical loaders, an auto workshop, a laboratory and two industrial treatment plants equipped with the most modern technology.

Industrial Container and Bottle Bank Service in different sizes for glass recycling: 

  • glassworks, bottling plants, eco-parks, garbage dumps, hotels, restaurants, discotheques, etc.

  • garbage dumps for industrial flat glass.

  • management of recycled pallet containers.

  • collection of public city igloos.

  • environmental management.

  • technological  assessment in glass recycling know how.


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