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Glass recycling


Glass bottles and containers are pieces of artwork.

Due to its characteristics of transparency and water tightness glass is an excellent recipient for food and liquids.

Glass has been used since ancient times in jewelry, flasks for perfumes and elixirs and was considered a gift of the Gods.

Today, recycling is fundamental for the glass industry.  Glass is made up of a mixture of sand, soda ash and limestone which are melted in large quantities in furnaces to produce glass.  This process requires large amounts of energy.  Recycled glass (cullet) is energy effective, first because it recuperates the raw materials from the used glass and second, because this recycling process requires less energy consumption thereby releasing less pollutants as recommended by the Kyoto protocol.  These conditions make glass one of the most ecological products available.


At REVIBASA we buy your glass bottles, jars and containers.


After the glass has been used, recycled and purified it returns to its original state and can be recycled an infinite number of times.  All that has to be done is eliminate the impurities and pollutants added in the industrial and packaging process of the product.

In the recycling process the bottles/containers are broken into small pieces and the foreign materials such labels, corks, caps, tops and stoppers are removed.

Other pollutants  also found  when recycling glass are stones, porcelain and ceramics.  At REVIBASA we use specialized machinery and infrareds capable of detecting opaque impurities in the glass which is then rejected.

At REVIBASA we treat glass waste products with the proper care and  technology to ensure that once recycled, the clean glass will be reborn and used in the manufacture of new glass products thus completing the recycling circle: from bottle, to bottle bank, to recycling plant, to glass factory, to retailer and back to the customer. 

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